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APIED has worked in close co-operation with both Queensland University and Deakin University to develop, test, design and engineer a brown coal drying plant utilising extremely simple and environmentally friendly technology.

As an example, brown coal in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria has a 60 per cent water content. Removing the water content results in a gross 40 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions and a net 30 per cent reduction after taking into account the energy required to dry the coal.

Our technology also greatly reduces the fire risk normally associated with the shipping of dried brown coal overseas. At least partially drying brown coal also reduces the capital costs associated with converting brown coal into liquids and ultra-pure carbon.

The drying technology is proven and design, engineering and manufacturing studies have been completed.

It is possible to manufacture plants capable of drying thousands of tonnes per hour on a continuous basis anywhere there is brown coal.

Because of the relatively straightforward processes involved, any further details would require interested parties to sign non-disclosure agreements.

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